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Name:Ashley Petersen
Birthdate:Oct 13, 1990

Age: 25


Ashley’s father came from Denmark originally. He was an international student going for his visa, starting a new life in the U.S. He attended a local college, where he met a young woman studying to be a teacher. Her name was Darcy and after a few private tutor sessions, they discovered feelings for each other. Over their years of studying, they fell in love and after graduation, it didn’t take long for them to marry and settle down in America. Many years passed and their family grew. First was Ashley’s big brother and then Ashley herself. She was a bit naïve by nature, even through her younger years, but is of a cheery disposition in general. Her childhood was full of many family outings and memories.

Later in life:

. She travelled overseas for several months after high school, before moving out and heading to college, for a degree in teaching and music. She discovered her passion for music whilst overseas where she was emerged in all the different music cultures.

About nowish:

She is quite close with her family, especially with her big brother since her father died from cancer while she was in college. He regularly visits and keeps an eye on her, even more now, since she has graduated and started work in a busy New York City high school as a music teacher.

(Mun and muse over 18. I do not own Odette Yustman, just using pb for role playing purposes only.)
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